Bespoke Artisanal Contemporary

As a potter and an artist, I am constantly growing and changing, and I begin to see some of the same qualities in clay. I am drawn to making pottery even though it is demanding, process-oriented and offers delayed gratification. I love the versatility of the medium and enjoy the persistent challenges it poses at every stage.

Visual Language

Owing to the nature of the brand, a rough, earthy look was aimed for. Simplicity in it’s DNA, the visual language tries to say more while doing adequately.

Blue Royale

A deep, rich navy blue inspired by ceramic art prevalent in China. This blue is contrasted by white which accentuates the blue shade and allows the brand to exist in clarity and cleanliness

Rough edges help imbibe the artisanal nature of the brand into the visual language. The hand-working associated with pottery comes out through this vessel.