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so what

A fashion feature constructed in obscurity

Slow Roasting

a creative process (kinda)

Okay, I’d like to preface this by saying that if I rap one day I’d name myself Slow Roast. That’s because I’ve thought about it for a long time. Continuing the preface and destroying its meaning, Creative Roasting is not a thing. You can google it, it’s gonna yield the usually associated terms. So here goes.

In 2018, while pursuing a post-graduate in Visual Communication in London, I had fashion friends, I was a cool cat. A state of existence left behind the moment I used the term cool cat.

Fashion designers Rhea and Rana tasked me with shooting their outfits and editing it into a video, called me one day, out of the blue, and asked me to pick the camera I had borrowed from my friend and shoot the whole thing in a student accommodation which had “cool walls”

I prepared this [the first] version in about 3 days

That was that. I bid farewell to the video, handed it off. Continued and proceeded to complete the course. Came back to the motherland.

Wasn't entirely satisfied with the video tho.
I knew I can do better.


Plus I was working on this website and wanted to have a proper representation of where my skill set lied. So I decided to redesign the video keeping the base idea the same. I wanted to go crazier, glitchier, more abstract and just in general have no restraints.


No deadline, no particular brief. I liked the direction I took in the first video – masks and holds. I then spent 2 years working on it.

That's a lie

I simply vocalised the desire to rework the video and there began the chemical reaction in the depths of my subconscious developing the video. I finished the intro sequence around a year back. It’s an advertisement for my typeface – crypt.

The entire video is me trying out techniques that interest me. No agenda.


Point is. Letting this roast in my head, absorbing all the juices is what made the video what it is. As time roasted the creativity to give it it’s final flavour, makes it so.


The many leisures of personal projects. Sometimes you’d just stare at the screen, not knowing what the next keyframe would be. Take a step back, breath, swing the tennis racquet a little, play a game of Fortnite.

Let it cook inside, you’ll be wiser when you come back. Instinctively armed, ready to work for another 15 minutes. Then load up a Craig Ferguson compilation and laugh.

Come back. Almost click on the project but do something else. But get back to it. Keep coming back and suddenly, in a burst effort of around a week, complete the video in its entirety.